Light At The End Of The Tunnel
“I was seeking an attorney for a modification for my orders. After speaking with many attorneys, I knew instantly Tasha was the attorney for me. Tasha was ALWAYS available to answer the many questions that I had. There were several times that problems occurred during the weekend, and she was always available to advise me. Many attorneys will tell you they are reachable but you end up speaking to paralegals and answering machines, not with Tasha! She makes you her #1 priority. After 13 years and many disappointments, Ms. Ricks was finally able to get it right! Thank you Tasha for scoring ONE for the DADS! You truly were the light at the end of my tunnel!”
Stephanie & Shawn Machado

Guardian Angel
“When no one would listen to me let alone help me MS Ricks not only listened to me but took on the horrible case knowing it was gonna be a difficult one but nothing she couldn’t handle we have been thru so much knowing TX is a mom state Ms Rick’s has gone beyond all obstacles to get this dad a fair chance and above all got me what I needed to get my kids I will forever be thankful for all she has done for me and my family she true is an angel”​

Great Lawyer. She Will Go The Extra Mile For You!
“I hired Ms. Ricks after talking to many attorneys in my area and those attorneys telling me that they would take my case but they acted like they didn’t care about my children’s future or mine. I made an appointment to see Ms. Ricks; after I met with her I knew that she would care about my children’s future. Since the first day she was there for my children and me. She keeps you up to date on the case the whole time from emails, to text messages, to phone calls. She is involved in the case as if she was defending her own family. She is very hard working to make sure that she does everything possible to see that you have the best defense in court. She will make sure that you understand what is happening and if you don’t understand she will explain it to you. I would recommend her to anyone if they want someone who will have their back in court. She is does everything to make sure that the case goes in your favor. She is dedicated your case from the beginning till the end. I am very impressed how she handles herself under pressure. She is very friendly and shows great customer service. She goes above and beyond for her clients. I am so happy that I hired Ms. Ricks.”

Excellent Fighter
“Tasha was a blessing in many ways. She came to my rescue at a point when I felt I had no one to help me. She lifted me up and never let my head hit the ground again. Strong, supportive and determined…Tasha fights for your rights! Thank you Tasha for all that you do.”

There Is Hope For Father’s
“I felt my back up against the wall. thinking my son would would be taken from me to other state by his mother. It was an on healthy relationship between the mother and I . I was just put out of my house with just my work clothes. I heard constant threats from the mother that she was heading back to her home state with my son and her two kids that I loved and took in as my own. In fear my son was being neglected I got the right information and chose to keep my son by my side. I also knew I needed a lawyer to help me with this. I literally prayed for help. Why searching threw the internet late night with none of my calls being answered. I tried one more time and there was an answer. It was Tasha Ricks law firm. As I explained my story for at least 30 minutes to who I thought was her secatery ,it turned out it was Ms Rick’s her self. I was glad to know that as late it was she took the time to hear my story. Right away I knew she was the one to help me. She went to bat right away for me on my case. In short time I was awarded temporary custody of my son. I couldn’t be happier than that moment. So for Father’s who have no hope Ms Tasha Ricks is that hope.”