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Specialize In The Best Interest Of Your Child
Whether It Involves Parents, Stepparents, Grandparents, Relatives, Other Family Members, Or Friends Custody Cases Determine The Best Interest Of Your Child

It is very important that your child’s best interest is put first and foremost. You can be sure that your child’s best interest is always first when you are represented by Houston Child Custody Lawyer Tasha Ricks Law Firm.

One of the biggest issues that you face when dealing with your child custody matter is not having enough information.

When it comes to custody of your child, you may have many questions that you need answered.

At the Tasha Ricks’ Law Firm, your questions are answered and you are given the information about the overall child custody process during your initial consultation.

You are given the knowledge and insight that you need about your case and the child custody legal process.

There are a few questions that you should ask your Houston Child Custody Lawyer during your initial consultation

The following questions will serve as your guide and help you take action to achieve a positive outcome in your child custody case:

  • What are my rights as a parent in Texas?
  • What are my chances of getting custody of my child?
  • How can I get visitation with my child?​
  • Can the other parent stop me from seeing my child?
  • Can my child support orders be changed?
  • Can my child support amount be changed?
  • How long will this process take?

When you ask these questions, your Houston Child Custody Lawyer, will be able to answer them for you and will make sure that you are fully informed about your child custody matter.

The Tasha Ricks Law Firm Is Happy To Meet With You And Answer Your Questions About Your Case

  • Personalized Attention in Your Child Custody Case
  • ​The Tasha Ricks Law Firm gives you the personalized attention your case needs as your Houston Child Custody Lawyer
  • You are highly valued as a client and given attention and detail throughout your child custody case and overall process
  • You are treated with importance and your custody case is given high priority and commitment
  • ​The Tasha Ricks Law Firm provides a hands-on approach to your child custody matter.
  • ​You can be sure that you are a priority and that your needs, questions, and concerns are addressed in a prompt and timely manner.
  • If you need a lawyer that will give you highly personalized attention and an overall commitment to your case, the Tasha Ricks Law Firm is here to help you.